Top of the Line | Handbag Choices for Every Occasion

Top of the Line | Handbag Choices for Every Occasion
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It's time to wrap it up. What do we mean by this, you ask? Specifically, it's time to wrap up our outfits for the upcoming seasons. Fall and soon-to-be winter are among us, and we're in need of that finishing touch that will complete any and every look. Here at Red Door Exchange, we have a specialty in the handbag department and we are here to provide that ending statement that effectively concludes your outfit.

Every occasion under the sun: that's what we will cover today in the world of upscale bags. We're going to showcase some sophisticated options, but we're splitting it up by event. Whether it's the bag for a cool night out, the essential daily neutrals, or even a glamorous statement piece, today we are highlighting how you can dress impeccably to the theme.

An Evening Out

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Noticing a dark theme here? The reason we have selected this handful of black handbags is simply the cohesiveness this dark shade sustains in an outfit. It's true that black truly goes with almost anything and likewise perfectly matches this theme of a night out. All of these options feature a longer bandolier strap that is ideal for shoulder wear. As seen in these suggestions from Tory Burch and Versace, we can opt for either use of the short handles for an idle stroll with friends, or the long strap for an evening on the go with prime accessibility. We also have a wide spectrum of dresses: this chain-link purse from Tory Burch is a quintessential example of a bag that can be dressed up or down. Pieces like this are critical for anyone's collection; we can see you wearing this at the classiest of galas, or simply out on a date night. We're fangirling over this kind of versatility.

The Statement Piece

black love purse  red purse
dark red purse gold purse


These pieces are here to highlight that an outfit is like a sentence, and these handbags are bold exclamation points that complete them. These are the outfit statements that will be the main eye-catcher, while still being able to blend in with a look. These are all options we can pair with metals as well, all bags bringing forth the opportunity to pair with some gold jewelry. Imagine some simple and clean apparel that is brought to life by these striking elements. For these options with red, matching a red heel would be a bold yet chic way to tie it all together. We are here to declare with these commanding bags that it is more than possible to be bold and unified in a look at the same time.

Fashion on the Go

versace couture backpack  versace bag
white backpack versace couture backpack 2


Even if we're on the go, we can surely maintain a sense of fashion. Here are some tote and backpack ideas from Versace that serve an excellent carry-all function as well as preserve smooth lines and an elegant appearance. We know that sometimes having that extra space is essential. In case you need to carry that laptop or take some extra clothes to the gym, these provide both excellent form and function. Showcased above are three black options, however, catching those dainty light tones are vital as well. This is why we have included this white backpack from Versace so we can effortlessly match any outfit. We are here to help you capture taste and fashion, even in a rush.

Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

tan purse light brown purse brown purse


It's time to wrap it up with some basic tones we can fuse into endless looks for years to come. It's hard to go wrong with neutrals; these are the handbags that will be the champion of completing your everyday outfit without a hitch. Pictured above we have two larger tote possibilities with an additional smaller feature from Furla. All are graceful ways to form a basic aesthetic you can use at countless ranges of events. You're probably noticing a recurrence: a lot of these handbags we can dress up or down. We've included pieces such as these because we know finding a premier quality bag that can dress a wide range is of the essence when deciding what will line your closet.

In closing, we hope that these handbags have aided in bringing together your look, no matter what occasion is approaching you next. In addition to providing a wide range of styles, Red Door Exchange values getting our customers the best quality for the best price. If you saw something that completes your vision, simply click on the item photo and you will be immediately redirected to the handbag on our online store. We appreciate your reading and we know we will see you dress to the theme this season with flying colors.

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