New Year, New Style | Wardrobe Essentials for the New Year.

New Year, New Style | Wardrobe Essentials for the New Year.

It's time to get down to business. And by business, we mean getting prepped for the new year just ahead of us. Maybe you already have your resolutions for the new year jotted down somewhere, or perhaps it's your designated time for cleaning out the old to make room for the new. We all have our own unique ways of preparing for our next revolution around the sun. Regardless of what that may entail, there is always the overarching theme of welcoming in the new. We begin to feel the urge to do some cleaning or prepare ourselves, like something special could arrive at any moment. So the question is, how will you celebrate the coming of a new season to explore and enjoy?

Well, at Red Door Exchange we understand that regardless of how you choose to greet the new year, a fresh start is key. And, we are equipped to help you achieve that fresh start in your own wardrobe. Today, we will be taking a look at the trends we predict will be the frontrunners of 2022. If now is the time for you to sort out that closet, we're here with some essentials that we are certain you will be getting out over and over again this 2022. We will be exploring some classic pieces that are not only seriously applicable for this new year, but for many more after. Let's take a gander at what your fresh start could look like in wardrobe form.

New Year, New Bag

We're starting right off the bat with some bag opportunities that will be critical this 2022.  This season, neutral accessories are key. We’re talking about those go-to pieces that you will be using on an everyday basis. In 2022, this means black and white. Here we have some prime examples of just that; displayed we have a white shoulder tote from Prada and a few different black options that will go with virtually any ensemble. In this upcoming year, we want simple yet chic accessories that accentuate the statement of your outfit. These will accessorize in an effortless manner: whether it’s this simple leather shoulder bag by Furla, or this funky yet elegant tote from Versace to add some texture. We have even added an on-the-go backpack from Guess that will carry all those essentials in an upscale fashion.

The Essential: Turtlenecks

You may have thought we left our turtlenecks in the nineties, but in 2022, we are seeing a triumphant reemergence. They are back and more in vogue than ever. The turtleneck is a pivotal outfit component that is extremely versatile. These can be worn stand-alone, or with your choice of outerwear. To layer or not to layer; this is all up to you. Both are excellent ways to take a basic look and turn it into something more upscale with ease. And once again, are you noticing those neutrals again? Whether you are wearing these by themselves, or with a statement jacket or overcoat, the function is endless. Any of these neutral turtlenecks with some classic jeans and boots creates for the ultimate modern take on a classic vibe.

2022 Footwear Staples



Alright, back to the accessories. And yes, in 2022, we are treating the shoe choice for your outfit as such so we can create that smooth blend to showcase the statement piece of your look. But, we can still do this fashionably and have some fun while at it. For winter 2022, we want to showcase your stylish coat, blouse, or pant without a hitch. We have included a couple pairs of sleek black pumps that can be dressed up or down for countless events. Regardless of if they are paired with a more formal gown or some posh pants, they will impeccably accent the core of your outfit. Included also is a sharp pair of leather boots and a black and white contrast from Prada. These kitten heels from Prada are yet another example of a wardrobe element that will continue to surprise you on how multifunctional they can be. Whether they’re worn with some professional slacks or jeans, these can go both ways. In these shoes, you’re sure to take your dress to the next level in 2022.

The Overcoat: a Trendsetter


Looking to layer? Well, we think you and 2022 will get along just nicely. In this new year that’s right around the corner, layering is a trend to say the least. So, that’s why we have provided a couple suggestions on how you can utilize this trend in 2022. Remember what we said about those turtlenecks; while those can be critical stand-alone pieces, these overcoats can also take any ensemble to great heights. Above we have something on the more basic side as well as a stunning coat that will be the heart of many looks. Imagine pairing this khaki trench coat with one of the lighter turtlenecks above, or perhaps this red option with the black one mentioned prior to give your aesthetic an edge. Both are excellent tools in the versatility department, and in any of these you will be dressing to impress.

Creating the Look


Now, let’s put it all together. Here is an example of how you can execute this oncoming season of fashion using items just from this blog post. This outfit makes use of both layering and chic textures that make for a fluent and balanced ambience that goes off without a hitch. And what’s more, we have included all the links to these pieces directly in all of the photos. If you see something that catches your eye, all you have to do is click on the photo and you will taken right to the item in its place in our online shop. As always, we deeply appreciate you coming and taking a peek on what’s to come in the world of fashion. We at Red Door Exchange wish you a wonderful transition into 2022, and we are certain you will do it in style.


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  • Aubrey Matson