Multifaceted, yet Fashionable Trending Menswear for this Fall Season

Multifaceted, yet Fashionable Trending Menswear for this Fall Season


Yes, we've covered those womenswear essentials for this upcoming season, but there's another huge facet of fall fashion that we are totally overlooking. Here at Red Door Exchange, we want to ensure all parties both look and feel their best. We've covered one side of that autumn look and its time to explore the other end of the equation. That's right, this week we are covering some exquisite menswear choices for autumn that you can find here on our very own Red Door Exchange store.


When it comes to autumn, we know that layering is key. At last, we have come upon these final months of the year where we know these basics both provide essential warmth in addition to making any final look cohesive. Picture yourself walking out on the town fashionably, not to mention comfortably. Let's go through some of these foundational pieces that we guarantee will enhance your fall attire.


Cutting-Edge Outerwear

jean jacket  black jacket
black jacket 2 tan jacket


We're going to start outwards and work our way in. We all understand that jackets are vital closet pieces for the upcoming weather, but they are also vital in the sense that they add a final statement to any given look. During the fall, it is undoubtedly your outerwear choice that will really tie together your aimed aesthetic. An excellent way of doing this is matching your footwear with your choice of jacket. This definitely creates a unified, clean look that is simple yet displays an air of style. Readers, we do not always need flashy pieces to compose a fashionable look. Its these versatile basics that we will come back to time and time again that will often bring your outfit to fruition. On top of this, we are eager to usher in a season of layering; these coats above provide supreme opportunities to execute this seamlessly.

Layering is truly an endless possiblity, epsecially when it comes to these fundamentals. Easily dressed up or down, your jacket is multifacted in terms of occasion as well. If we are sporting something more casual, perhaps we would team a simple white or black t-shirt (similarly to the photo of the Levi's denim jacket above) with your outerwear. Conversely, if we are going out to a nice meal or attending a holiday party, pairing any of these with a slim turtleneck underneath makes for a peak aura of class. These are just a few of the numerous options we posess for smooth layering this time of year.

Casual, but not Without Style

white levi's hoodie


Say you want something more laid-back, though preserving that sense of style is still a must. No need to fret because styling a crisp sweatshirt or hoodie is still a striking way to do just that. Picture yourself in one of these pristine Levi's hoodies matched with some simple jeans and white sneakers. This effortlessly perpetuates an upscale and cohesive look that remains casual nontheless. Another way to further this is pairing with it some black jeans, or even some basic black joggers. Able to be layered and worn stand-alone, this works superbly in many circumstances. A hoodie like this is able to be worn above a simple t-shirt for weather purposes, or underneath one of the jackets above to extend any outfit. This with the denim jacket above of the same brand or with a basic black coat are just more arrangements to add some extra dimension.


Jeans to Make an Impact

jeans  jeans 2 jeans 3


We've heard it before, but you really can't go wrong with a pair of jeans. These options from Diesel and Levi's are some fantastic staples that will accentuate an outfit without a hitch. These two black pairs, featuring both a clean and distressed option, will undoubtedly produce an epic contrast of black and white when paired with a white top. Visualize one of these dark pairs with the Levi's hoodie above, or even one of our black coats with a white shirt beneath. Additionally highlighted is a classic take on the denim aesthetic by Diesel. The classic blue jean is highly multifunctional and is without a doubt an integral base in the closet. Denim has forever been and will continue to be a timeless essence that we can't go without.

We want to take a moment just to make a quick thank you to all of you for reading and shopping with us today at Red Door Exchange. We're here to aid you in getting those critical basic pieces that will be pivotal in your wardrobe not only for this season, but for many to come. Seamless and chic is and will continue to be an ageless model for trends across the board. We hope you click on these item photos displayed in today's writing and go take a look at we have over in our online shop. All pieces exhibited are available for sale online. We appreciate you, and thanks for taking a look at what's trending in menswear this autumn.

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