Made for Walking | Footwear Staples for the Winter Season

Made for Walking | Footwear Staples for the Winter Season


The cold fronts are coming in hot...or should we say cold? While the sun is still very much out, the air is now changing to its frosty tone that you may only associate with the holidays: you know, the kind where your breath creates a small cloud each time you exhale. Complete with hints of cold rain here and there, winter has without a doubt made its arrival known this 2021, and suddenly at that.

And, this is definitely a reason to be ecstatic. Not too often do we encounter the opportunity to grab our chic and sophisticated winter footwear from our closets. However, we understand at Red Door Exchange that you want to achieve both elegance and versatility. It would be a shame for that classy pair of boots to remain in the wardrobe when they should be out on the street, walking. Today, Red Door Exchange will bestow upon you some multifaceted shoe ideas for the colder months that do not have to be merely a winter pick. Yes, we cannot pass up showcasing some fuzzy boots that are a true winter fundamental, but we also want to display footwear that won't stay in the closet for most of the year. These boots were made for walking, and versatility at that. Red Door Exchange will not let you down with both excellent form and function---for all seasons.

Noteworthy Boots

 tall boots black boots


Talk about multi-functional. These are some boots that match the winter season optimally but can be worn even outside of this theme. Black and grey are smooth, neutral tones that can be utilized throughout the year, time and time again. This knee-high selection from Laura Biagiotti serves a superb function throughout both autumn and winter. These short ankle boots are widely versatile, this grey pair at the top even being an irreproachable choice for the summer. Picture these with some dark jeans and a coat for the winter, or some white jeans and an airy blouse with a pop of color for the summer. We can go all around the sun in these boots.

Heels for the Holidays

tan heels silver heels black heels
Certainly, you can wear heels year-round, but here you have a new take complete with a winter color palette. Perhaps this silver option could be that pop of texture for your holiday outfit, while at the same time remaining simple enough to accessorize countless looks. Black is a crucial color in achieving that cold weather aesthetic and a general closet staple even outside the season. These black suede pumps are indeed quintessential, and not just for the winter months ahead. Finally, nude and beige are wonderful undertones for any winter fit---this beige pair without doubt aid in creating a cohesive blend that draws attention to the statement piece of any outfit. And don't forget: these are season-less  pieces that you can style year-round, dressed up or down.

Chic Downpour

black boot  rain boot

Everyone needs rain boots, but who says you can't do a storm in style? Here we have two featured brands from our store: a grey pair from Ugg and a more edgy black pair from Roccobarocco. Consistent with today's theme, these are neutral choices adept for any time of the year. Whether it be April showers or a foggy, winter rainstorm, these have flexibility. Additionally, we are in full understanding that quality is of the essence when it comes to rain boots; Red Door Exchange does not want any feet to freeze. We ensure that our brands, such as Ugg, are functional as well as fashionable. You can and will achieve both warmth and fashion.

Uggs, Uggs, Uggs

gray ugg boot black ugg boot  dark gray ugg boot

You could not adequately cover the world of winter footwear without at least taking a moment to acknowledge the quintessential fuzzy boot. We all know that Uggs will keep us snug and warm this upcoming season, so why not keep this winter color scheme going? Picture any of these with a cozy sweater, or perhaps a basic coat and scarf. These are ultimate for the chilliest time of the year, and still, continue to execute stylistically. Red Door Exchange has this variety and more available in our store now from Ugg.

Once again, we always appreciate our readers stopping by and reading about the latest trends at Red Door Exchange. In case you're holiday shopping, or just looking for that winter touch to your ensemble, we have options ready to go in our shop. Right now, we are shedding the spotlight on brands Roccobarocco and Ugg; we have a wide selection of boots from these brands now online. Click on any of these item images and you will be redirected to our store where it is located online, so no worries if you see something you might need for that winter closet. Red Door Exchange wishes you a safe and warm winter and that we have helped you make this season a little less...icy.

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