It's Time for a Chic Autumn. | Sleek and Elegant Trends for a Flawless Fall 2021

It's Time for a Chic Autumn. | Sleek and Elegant Trends for a Flawless Fall 2021


Get excited everyone. It's September 2021, meaning it's almost time for a critical season change. While we begin to say goodbye to beach trips and summer barbecues with friends, this is not a painful farewell because of what we now get the chance to eagerly welcome: the blissful autumn season. We can smell the pumpkin spice lattes already. Say hello to breezy evening walks with your loved ones while enjoying a picturesque scene of the falling leaves, maybe even enhanced by a warm cinnamon-topped coffee in your hand.

However, these changes alone are not the only reason we are ecstatic for this season change. We also get the chance to enjoy another facet of change during this period: fall fashion. Now is the time to display those beautiful earth tones, chic boots, and statement jackets. Additionally, a new fall season means new trends that we can implement into our wardrobes, which is what brings us here today: insight into those chic and elegant pieces essential for autumn 2021. In the case you are on the hunt for the guide to get that ultimate fall look, we've got you covered. Today, we are going to discuss some closet essentials to attain that chic yet warm autumn feel.

The Ultimate Fall Bag

black purse
brown purse
tan purse

If there's anything we're looking for this season, it’s those warm and neutral tones that will tie together an outfit. These are some sleek handbags that are perfect for accessorizing your outfit, all while keeping those cozy undertones to achieve that fall aesthetic. Included to the right are two beautiful, rustic and neutral totes excellent for enhancing those vibrant fall pieces. To the left you will find a more sleek, black leather handbag from Tory Burch that is terrific for a night out with your loved ones.

Autumn Shoes to Impress

tan shoes
black shoes
gold shoes

The shoes we pair with an outfit are simply another way we can tie that fall vibe together. Here we have some chic shoes that display clean lines and an altogether elegance, yet still, preserve the warmth of the season. These suede black boots, perhaps paired with the black Tory Burch purse above, achieve a great look for a night on the town. The two pairs on the left are superb for giving a soft and warm air to your autumn look.


Layering as a Finishing Touch

orange shawl

It's back and better than ever: layering season. For the past couple of seasons, we've set aside our sophisticated jackets and our fuzzy sweaters, but now in September, they make their grand re-debut from the closet. Pictured to the left and below are layering pieces that encapsulate the warm feeling of autumn, yet are also smooth and sleek at the same time. This fall, we are really accentuating those lines. To the left, we have a more casual option: a warm, burnt orange sweater that can be effortlessly paired with some jeans and almost any blouse of your choosing. Below, we have a clean and contemporary take on a fall look that can be easily dressed up or down, perfect for many occasions.

Blazer Style 1, Closed

Blazer Style 1, Closed

 Blazer Style 2, Open

Blazer Style 2, Open

Blazer styling is another way we can add an edge of sophistication to a look. Perhaps you're attending a business meeting, yet you want to add a lasting warmth to your outfit; the first styling option on the left paired with one of these earth-toned handbags shown above is a superb professional outfit choice for the season. Even if you are aiming for something more casual, blazers are still an exceptional option for your autumn wardrobe. The more relaxed, open styling on the right is both an excellent opportunity for layering as well as accessorizing with that warm handbag or pair of fall boots.

This fall season, we are looking to achieve elegance and those sophisticated silhouettes. Integrating these elements with that warm and neutral color palette really brings together a flawless fall look. Whether you're looking for something casual to layer for a day of walking out with friends, or something on the formal side for an upscale seasonal look, we here at Red Door Exchange have you covered! Any of the pieces featured in this article are all available online; simply click on the image and you will be automatically redirected to the item. We hope you've enjoyed checking out these trends with us and we wish you a chic and flawless fall season!

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