It's Layering Season | Functional yet Fashionable Outerwear

It's Layering Season | Functional yet Fashionable Outerwear
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Oh yes, those cold months of the year are finally coming to fruition; the transition is happening and it's happening fast. While it's likely you have already made the switch from shorts to pants, the need for that extra layer might not have become apparent just yet. In many places, jacket season seems to land all at once and when you least expect it. And now, it's time to prep that closet for the chilly months of the year---fashionably, of course.

Today, the discussion is all about layering: how you can effectively keep yourself warm, but also effectively execute it in impeccable style. At Red Door Exchange we carry a wide plethora of outerwear styles that provide that essential seasonal protection but will also keep your style in vogue. Layering is an art, and you can learn how to master it with flying colors. Let's take a look at a few ways you can layer flawlessly this season.

A Lighter Approach

leopard print print jacket white jacket


These are the staple jackets when it's cooler outside, but yet, you're not quite experiencing temperatures of the arctic degree. These three are tremendous layering opportunities; perhaps pairing a fitted thermal shirt or blouse underneath this white blazer for an upscale casual look, or a fitted mock neck or turtleneck matched with either of these light trench coats above. The key here is fitted thermal pieces: these are the simple yet chic tops that you can layer with this type of outer apparel to truly complete a multifaceted look; you can take off layers if needed, or you can bundle up further with a scarf and gloves.

Chilly Weather Must-Haves

white jacket  shoulder view white jacket
gray jacket gray jacket open
black jacket black jacket open


Above are some coats that are definitely perfect for more intense weather, but this doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style to keep out of the cold. These are all superb modes for layering; adding that sophisticated turtleneck is a marvelous addition to any of these looks. The two coats pictured below can be styled exquisitely either open or closed with a cozy top underneath your outerwear ensemble. Having basics like these ready to go this season ensures having options that will go with everything without a hitch. These tones are a gateway to add a pop of color or even a pattern underneath; Red Door Exchange is loving this kind of versatility. No worries about purchasing a coat that you're worried won't match as many outfits as you had wished: we're all about effortless blending at Red Door Exchange.

Adding Some Flair

white coat white coat back
fur coat  fur coat different view
print coat print coat zoomed in


We're topping off this outerwear guide with a statement. More specifically, we're talking about statement pieces. These are jacket options that carry on a color palette that will go with your current wardrobe but will also add a touch of sparkle to your look. Whether it be some texture shown in the brown faux fur coat, or a chic pattern displayed in the black and white overcoat, there are many ways to add flair to an ensemble without making it too complex. And what's more---Red Door Exchange has both lighter and heavier pieces to choose from. In addition, all of these can be made warmer or airier with different layering choices. These will incorporate some brilliance into your outfit all while remaining multifunctional for countless looks.

Putting It All Together

women's jeans


Let's wrap this up with an outfit idea styling our premier outerwear and other featured items from our online boutique. Pictured above is a sophisticated yet functional take on the winter season, topped off with a pop of leopard. All of these outfit pieces are available on Red Door Exchange; simply click on any picture.


As we enter the winter season, Red Door Exchange wants our customers to be both equipped and stylish. We hope this brief guide will help you sustain your style during this chilly time of year and most importantly, stay warm. If you click on any of the item photos in this blog post, you will be immediately redirected to their corresponding place on the Red Door Exchange online shop. So, no worries if you see something you like. Thanks for coming around and taking a look at Red Door Exchange's take on some winter fashion inspiration. We hope to see you again soon---this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to winter fashion.

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