I Love Chandeliers: The Experience of Creating a Unique Design

I Love Chandeliers: The Experience of Creating a Unique Design

What is a Chandelier, and Why Does it Matter?

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, a chandelier is a branched, decorative lighting fixture that holds several bulbs or candles and is suspended from a ceiling. I’m sure you knew this if you are reading this blog, right? But why are chandeliers so loved?

When I think about chandeliers, I remember times that were full of nobility and fortune. For example, Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth II, is home to a most beautiful chandelier located in the White Drawing Room. The Opulent Palace situated in Istanbul, Turkey, features an incredible collection of crystal chandeliers. The most stunning one in the palace is perhaps the bohemian crystal chandelier that came to the palace as a gift from Queen Victoria. People in the Victorian era began to realize that having a beautiful piece of home decor in the rooms of their homes was vital. Hence, they started to put chandeliers in rooms all over the house to give the rooms the look of nobility and fortune.

Istanbul, Turkey: Opulent Palace
Istanbul, Turkey: Opulent Palace


I’ve always thought that chandeliers add a beautiful touch to any room in a home.  I love light because it symbolizes warmth, peace, beauty, and love.  Several years ago, while browsing in an antique store in Grandby, Colorado, I fell in love with some chandeliers designed by a local artist there.  It was then that I wondered if I, too, could create lighting for my own home.

The Journey Begins

In June of 2020, I decided to invest money in the start of an e-commerce business, Red Door Exchange, where I would primarily be selling on Amazon.  To sell on Amazon, I needed to find a product that was in high demand but with a low number of manufacturers.  Much to my delight, Farmhouse and Boho chandelier light fixtures met that criteria! 

First, I researched many different styles of “Farmhouse and Boho” chandeliers.  Because I wanted to be competitive, I had to think of ways to design a fixture that fit the style criteria, be hung in many different rooms, was beautiful, and yet was exclusive to my brand, Red Door Design.  My first design decision was to design the chandelier with wood beads instead of the traditional crystal chandelier.

You can hang chandeliers in any room.  They make a great statement for the entryway; they can provide a moody elegance in a living room, bring some playfulness to a kitchen, and add thoughtfulness to a hallway.  The second design decision was to create a chandelier that can hang in the entryway, hallway, bathroom, guest room, or kitchen!

When I researched chandeliers with wood beads, I found that most had round beads that were white to cream in color.  However, crystal chandeliers have crystal beads cut into prisms. Knowing that, my ideas was to find a manufacturer that could cut wood beads instead to prisms. Was that the detail that would make my chandelier different?  YES!  That was it! I didn’t want the beads to be just a standard rectangular prism either. Pictures of this chandelier began to swirl around in mind.   It was time to start the search for the manufacturer.

After interviewing many manufacturers and describing my design, I finally found a manufacturer that offered to draw a sketch based on my description of the invention I envisioned.  A sketch came back that I thought was lovely, and with a couple of minor revisions in bead color, it was time to manufacture!

Sketch of Red Door Design Farmhouse Chandelier:
Sketch of Red Door Design Farmhouse Chandelier


It might seem like this was a short process, but in reality from the conception of the idea to finalizing an order to manufacture took about 5 months. Next, it took 6 weeks to manufacture and because of shipping and customs delays, three months to reach the USA! Finally, the time has come to announce the launch of the Red Door Exchange Boho Wood Bead Chandelier, Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture!


another chandelier

Education Matters

Before the beginning of my chandelier design experience, I made the decision to move into another line of work, actually I moved into a complete new industry!  After being an educator for 27 years, I decided to conquer the world of E-Commerce and design this beautiful chandelier.  However, Education was the key to my progress! I circled back around to the career I had been engaged in and took an online course that helped me with every step of the way in the process described above! I can still say that Education matters!


In Closing

Please visit Red Door Exchange Boho Wood Bead Chandelier, Farmhouse Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture. If you leave me a comment on this blog about your interest in purchasing the exclusive design, I will share an individual coupon code with you! You can also visit our other products and exclusive coaster design at reddoorexchange.com! Enjoy!


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