Easy, Breezy, Beautiful | Closet Staples for Spring 2022.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful | Closet Staples for Spring 2022.

Yes, it’s that time of year already. It’s the time when everything around us becomes a little more colorful, and no, we don’t just mean the flowers. As the colors of the outside world become more vibrant, so does our own personal color palette. There’s something about the seasons that influences the mood and aesthetic we take on effortlessly. But really, who doesn’t want to come into full bloom like a flower? 

As the first fourth of 2022 is coming to a close, springtime is making its’ bold return. And, to note, spring is one of the most fun and playful seasons of fashion to prepare for because of this vibrance the season carries. So, it’s time to do just this: become vibrant. We’re sure you can picture yourself already in an airy sundress, complete with a brightly colored statement bag. Maybe it’s your opportunity to bring out some classic florals. Whatever elements of spring you decide to make your own, we’re making spring 2022 one for the books. Let’s come into full bloom, perhaps more metaphorically than a flower, with our breezy, effortless fashion choices this spring.

The Sundress

We’re starting off with a bang with a key archetype of the spring and summer seasons: the sundress. Ah yes, a garment that looks effortlessly gorgeous and that you can lounge around in the sun in comfortably? It’s no wonder that it’s such a statement of the season. The sundress, a wardrobe must-have for both the spring and summer months, creates almost a full outfit on its’ own and is incredibly versatile; these are able to be dressed up easily with some wicker heels, or down with some sandals. 

We have featured both some short and long options to help you assess what vibe you’re looking to achieve. The long, hot pink sundress displayed above is a prime example of a piece that is excellent dressed up or down. Picture it all together: wearing this breezy gown with either some nice wedge heels for something more upscale, or with some casual rustic sandals for an active day out. But, do not be mistaken: this ideal is true of its’ short counterpart as well. Either of these short sundresses above can easily be taken up in dress code with the right accessories. We hope you’re convinced; the sundress might be the most powerful garment with that kind of functionality.

Your Spring Handbag Choice

This time of year, we’re excited to throw those tame handbags in the closet in exchange for something more…electrifying. Spring and summer are all about those intense, vibrant colors that personify the seasons and this does not go unnoticed in the spring handbag selection before you. You will notice we have a couple pops of solid color, as shown in this lavender tote from Guess and the canary yellow Gucci option, but also something that will blend easily with any color palette: something more multi-seasonal. We’re talking about this white shoulder tote from Prada that is without a doubt more than able to be worn during any season. After all, when does white go out of style? And last but certainly not least, we have a statement bag from Gucci; if this doesn’t; embody spring to a T, we’re not sure what does. This floral print mixed in with the iconic Gucci monogram allows for endless colors and outfits to blend well with. We can already see this bag with the hot pink sundress above; we’ve almost completed your spring look and we’re only in the second section.

Shoes to Complete the Spring Look

It’s time for the final act of your spring outfit: the shoes. The spring aesthetic allows for endless different styles and colors, so we’ve curated a few that can express the wide variety of what your spring attire could look like. Much of spring fashion can be easily dressed up or down, and it really comes down to the shoe choice that determines how formal the outfit will be. Thus, we have displayed above some heels that will make anything more elevated, but also a sandal and flat option that showcase the casual and carefree side of spring fashion. 

There is also much variability in the heels themselves: whether you want that dashing pop of color or something neutral that will highlight another element of your outfit is up to you; we made sure to include both. Notice the electric blue pumps that are without a doubt a showstopper in and of themselves, but also the nude heels with a gold accent that will blend and draw attention to your statement apparel. And, if you’re looking for something chic yet comfortable, both of these flats will accentuate the spring ambience with ease. 

To conclude, we hope we’ve conveyed what an exciting season of fashion the spring is. What other time of year melds more perfectly with a floral Gucci purse? We hope this provides you with some inspiration to experiment with color this season, and to take advantage of this time to really dress outside the box. And, if you see an item that piques your interest, simply click on the item photo and you will be redirected to its’ place in our online boutique. We wish you a wonderful spring, and of course, we know your fashion will sparkle in accordance with the season.

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