Can You Trust an eBay Seller? 3 Signs that Say Yes (and 2 that Don't)

Can You Trust an eBay Seller? 3 Signs that Say Yes (and 2 that Don't)

If you were one of the few who managed to get by without shopping online in the past, the COVID-19 pandemic was probably the deal-breaker. When you dive into the world of eBay, it’s clear that there are great deals to be found, but it takes some trust.

How do you know if an eBay seller is legitimate and trustworthy or if they’ll take your money and run? Look for these telltale signs of sellers you can trust and red flags for scammers.

Signs of a Trustworthy eBay Seller

Sometimes it’s easier to spot a good seller than a bad seller. Look for these signs that you’ve found a reliable one.

A History of Strong Reviews

The first thing that should draw your eye is a seller’s positive review percentage, but don’t stop there. Take a look at how far back their reviews go. If they have a good number of reviews going back 12 months or more, chances are that they deserve your trust. If all their positive reviews have come within the past month or two, you don’t have enough history to be able to judge them.

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The most reliable sellers are those who run their eBay stores like a business, not a hobby. Those sellers tend to specialize in a particular niche, like clothing and beauty items, toys, tools, or another category. If you see a random assortment of items, the seller may not run their store as professionally.

An External Website

The more of a web presence a business has, the harder it would be for them to cut and run if they’re caught in a scam. For that reason, the more you can find online about the seller, the more likely they are to be trustworthy. See if the seller has their own site outside of eBay, for example, or if they’re selling on other platforms. It’s especially helpful if those sites give you some insights about the seller, like an “About Us” page.

Red Flags

There are plenty of bad sellers out there trying to look trustworthy. The obvious sign is a slew of negative reviews but watch for these other red flags too.

Consistency in Negative Reviews

Read any negative and neutral reviews the seller has received. Isolated complaints happen from time to time. If you see buyers repeatedly complaining about the same problem, whether it’s a slow shipment or damaged products, though, you’re likely to have the same struggle, too.

Too Good to Be True

We all love a deal, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the product is far less expensive from this seller than from others, it’s a red flag, especially if you see the same issue with multiple products.

Choosing an eBay Seller Wisely

eBay shopping can be a terrific way to find a deal and get products that are hard to find elsewhere, but you need to do it in a smart way. The simple signs above can help you find an eBay seller you can trust. To start shopping now, explore our eBay store.

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  • Catherine Trevino