An Upscale Evening | Formalwear Staples for 2022

An Upscale Evening | Formalwear Staples for 2022
















 Alright, it’s time to take it up a level. While we undoubtedly all love our fuzzy sweaters paired with a crisp pair of jeans, this time we’re opting to delve into a rather different dress code. So by “level”, what exactly do we mean? Well, for those special occasions and enchanting evenings out where you might need something that airs on the glamorous side, we at Red Door Exchange want to keep you prepared for any happening that occurs. We want to cover all facets of attire and do it with style. That’s why today we will be covering critical formalwear pieces that will go above and beyond over and over in delivering elegance and a true sense of fashion, of course. We will be taking a look at all those gowns, heels, and handbags that will be working together to create the ultimate formal attire for your upscale evening. Let’s take a gander at these components of elegance that we know will keep you dressed to the nines for every event.

The Floor-Length Gown


It isn’t often you enjoy the chance to champion a lengthy gown, but when you do, you want to feel as classy and royal as possible. We want to take your aesthetic to queen status. Here, we have a few gowns that encompass a variety of different looks, depending on what you desire to achieve. Above, we have a classy red option that will look stunning at any flashy gala and provides a sophisticated pop of color. Perhaps paired with some neud pumps, this dress could be a perfect statement piece. However, we have you covered if you’re in the market for a different vibe. You will also notice the navy gown from Tommy Hilfiger that makes for a more glam look as well as this sea foam green dress from Guess that is still top of the line in terms of class, but a tad more casual. Notice that even in the glitzy world of formal attire, there are still numerous distinct auras you can embody. We know that you have your own look we are sure you will execute without a hitch, thus we are providing the options so that you can make it happen.

The Cocktail Dress


Let’s switch it up a bit. While the opportunity to wear a gorgeous floor length gown may come less frequently, their shorter counterpart surely makes a more regular appearance. Versatile and sophisticated, a dress that falls above the knee is of essence for a vast variety of occasions. Otherwise known as the cocktail dress, these dresses still seamlessly capture a formal feel that often can be dressed up or down. And once again, we have included a wide array to choose from because everyone has their own desired ambience. Displayed are a couple of shorter black dresses from Calvin Klein and Armani that impeccably encapsulate the foundational little black dress. Conversely, also included is something with a little more spice, shown in this knit red dress from Guess. Once again, this pop of color makes for an optimal statement dress that will without a doubt be a showstopper. Finally, we have one more black option from Guess that has a little more length and will add some extra texture to your outfit with its accompanying lace trim. With a range to choose from, we’re here to aid you in dressing to theme.

The Perfect Pumps


With the right heel, everything starts to come together. In this section we’re discussing some pumps that will bring a sense of cohesiveness to your final look. This is the precise reason why we have chosen mostly neutral prospects for today’s blog: because we want to accentuate your formalwear in the best way possible. We have a beige option from Guess that would look splendid paired with the sea foam green gown displayed earlier, complementing the color exquisitely. Or, maybe you need a black heel to go with one of these black dresses mentioned above. Two black pairs have been included because of the versatility of the color; these pumps will blend well with almost any dressy outfit. Of course, we do need to include at least one striking statement, right? These red heels can be the star of the show on their own, or they can even go together well with either red dress discussed in today’s blog. Having multifunctional heels that you can bust out of the closet time and time again is critical, and we’re here to accomplish just that.

The Final Piece: The Handbag

We’ve made it to the grand finale: the handbag that will tie it all together. We’re looking for pieces that will allow your look to flow easily, but at the same time display the taste and grandeur of a formal occasion. Notice these handbags have the recurring feature of a chain link strap; normally an element like this would be considered a little too posh for everyday wear. However, it’s in dressy attire where this aspect comes into precisely the role it was meant to have. Again, it is of utmost importance that these bags will complement the main attraction of the ensemble; we have maintained the theme of simple yet elegant options. We have two black purses from Gucci and Tory Burch, as well as white and neud bags from Furla. Also, notice the silhouette of these handbags: they all have a small body that when worn, dangles from the shoulder. This style is quintessential for a more decorated look and is destined to shed the spotlight on your gown in the best of ways.

As always, we hope you've enjoyed taking a moment to survey the latest trends in the world of formal attire. Regardless of what glam you have coming up soon, we hope today's reading has given you some inspiration for your own looks. We appreciate you stopping by to see what's trending at Red Door Exchange. And remember: if you see something that piques your interest, all you have to do to reach the item is click on its' picture in this blog. Thanks for stopping by, and have a glamorous 2022.


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