An Air of Sophistication | Essentials for a Classy, Professional Look.

An Air of Sophistication | Essentials for a Classy, Professional Look.

woman walkingThis fall season, we know you will be attending a variety of events for an equally wide variety of occasions. We know, your prescence is requested a lot. We've got you covered in the cozy, warm, and casual autumn department, but this time around we're talking about a specialized type of attire for a different kind of occasion: something more sleek. We're talking about those upscale meetings, work functions, and formal dinners that line your professional scope.

You guessed it, this week here at Red Door Exchange we are shedding the spotlight on our wide range of classy, professional attire. Whether it's a one-on-one meeting that you want to take to the next level with some premier workwear, or a job meeting that requires a more high-end look, we will provide you with those critical pieces that will ensure that you can keep it professional----and fashionable.

Today we are discussing the must-haves for this upcoming season of fashion in the work field: the quintessential blazer, shoe, handbag; we have the full outfit. In the workplace, it's critical that we can find those fundamental staples that will complete any professional outfit and yet will continue to make a timeless statment of sophistication. It's these classic pieces that you will be wearing again and again that you want to ensure will enhance that professional wardrobe. Let's take a look at a few examples of how we do workwear here at Red Door Exchange.


The Blazer: A Timeless Classic

This here is an ageless piece: able to blend well with numerous looks, be it dressy or casual. This is an impeccable way to add a sense of refinement to your ensemble. Say you're attending a meeting that's more on the casual side, yet you still want to depict an air of professionalism; one of these simple yet classy blazers is a superb option to aid you in giving off that vibe. Versatile in function, this type of outerwear is paired well with an unthinkable amount of apparel. Whether it's some simple jeans or high-end slacks, the blazer can do it all. Here we have some examples from our own Red Door Exchange store, complete with two ways to style each.

Armani Blazer, Style 1
Armani Blazer, Style 2
Armani Blazer, Style 1 Armani Blazer, Style 2
GUESS Blazer, Style 1  GUESS Blazer, Style 2


As you can see, blazers are not only multifaceted in what they can be paired with, but also in the particular mode you choose to wear them. Both closed and open are excellent ways to style them, depending on the desired look. Perhaps we would choose the open styling option to dress it down and the closed option to further a trim, dressed-up aura.

Sophisticated Footwear

red heels
black heels
silver heels  red heels 2


Your shoe pairing with a professional outfit is a great way to either add a bold addition to your ensemble or to accessorize and magnify another feature of your look. For instance, maybe for enhancing the vivid blue jacket above you would pair these smart black heels to create a clean blend. On the other hand, if you are sporting the black or white blazer, adding a splash of color and texture with these other footwear choices would add a flawless edge to your attire. Imagine partnering the white blazer with these silver heels, their lighter tones enhancing each other, or either of these red pumps with the black blazer above to set a simple scene complete with a hint of vibrancy.

The Handbag for Getting the Job Done

black purse
red purse
tan purse  black purse 2

Are you noticing a theme here? Here, once again displayed in these gorgeous purses, we have a mostly neutral color palette with a dash of vividity. If you're feeling daring, even matching this bright red Michael Kors bag with a pair of the red heels above and a simple blazer would create a cohesive final image. Or, enhance the presence of a bright work coat with one of these black and neutral handbags. All of these without a doubt will contribute to a chic persona, intensified by the presence of these clean and smooth lines.


Once again, thanks for taking a look at the latest trends here with us at Red Door Exchange. We're here to help you capture that air of sophistication in your professional wear and maintain that sense of fashion, even at work. We hope this will become your go-to guide for some key foundation pieces for your professional spectrum. A little can go a long way in the workplace: a crucial basic can add that excellence to your closet, ready for long days of wear and high quality.

Just like last time, all items discussed in this article are available online; just click on the photo of the desired item and you will be automatically redirected to its place in our online shop where it is ready for purchase. We appreciate you coming and reading what's happening here at Red Door Exchange and we wish you the best in all your professional endeavors. Go get 'em and look stunning while doing it!

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  • Aubrey Matson